How many lumens to light up a soccer field

High lumen efficacy up to 200lm/W, saving cost by 40%. High-lumen SMD7070 LED chip, 40% stronger than SMD3030, 10% stronger than SMD 5050.

※ Hi-Shoot soccer sports stadium lights’ unique air convection heat dissipation design provides superior ventilation and heat dissipation efficiency. A proprietary thermal management design of sports lighting with a passive cooling function can maximize heat dissipation, thereby prolonging the life of the lamp. Designed to extend life expectancy in warm climates.


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light up your beach-hi-shoot


 IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, suitable for harsh environments.

※ Patented high-performance aerodynamic design to achieve minimum resistance, The most advanced and beautifully compact design, with no exposed electronic equipment or wiring. Patented cross-ventilation convection design can extend the life of LED packages and electronic components.


※ Support TV broadcast standards, and meet professional sports events.

※ Hi-Shoot high mast light anti-17 level wind power.

※ Operational flexibility: adapt to various intelligent lighting controls such as wired or wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Dali, AirMesh network, hybrid network lighting control, etc.


※DMX/RGB(W) is avilable.


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LED High Mast Lighting


Wireless control system of sport lighting

  • Maximize energy savings-power consumption and voltage graphs.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor no need for a separate control system.
  • Site-based control. Function with and without active internet connection.
  • Secure connection to the site controller via Wi-Fi and/or LAN.
  • Data and events stored on the local site controller.
  • Control from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Flexible control solution a single lamp or a group of lamps.
  • Multiple areas, behaviors, and events.
  • Fully integrated lighting management system.
  • Complete planning system based on automatic plans or events.
  • Unlimited flexibility and customization.
  • Maximize performance: Manage your system from any device and easily monitor and adjust lighting controls to maximize energy savings.


Batteries required for solar street lamp applications

With the increasing development of modern society, solar energy applications can be seen everywhere, street lights, hot water, heating, cooking, power generation, etc. More and more people choose solar energy, which is green and low energy consumption.

Solar street lights are charged during the day and work at night. Under the sunlight exposure during the day, the light energy is converted into electricity through photovoltaic panels and stored in the battery to supply lighting at night. Therefore, it is necessary to configure batteries to ensure the normal operation of solar street lights at night.
At present, solar street lamp battery applications are mostly divided into the following types:
1, lead-acid battery: low price, suitable for low temperature high rate discharge; Seal maintenance-free; However, care should be taken to prevent the pollution of lead acid, and it is too bulky and will be phased out.
2, nickel-cadmium battery: strong, cheap, economic and durable, good low temperature performance; However, attention should be paid to prevent the pollution of cadmium metal to the environment.
3, nickel-metal hydride battery: high rate charge and discharge performance is good, no pollution, green environmental protection battery; Small system adoption, it is worth vigorously promoting.
4, lithium iron phosphate battery: high temperature performance, large capacity, high charge and discharge efficiency, light weight, environmental protection and pollution-free; But its price is expensive, the charger is also selective.
Lead-acid batteries are more commonly used in the market, and the environmental protection and pollution-free lithium batteries are the direction of future development.