How much LED lighting for basketball court cost?

Most sports venues are very concerned about this problem, different brands have different prices, in the basketball court professional LED lighting, it is necessary to introduce Hishine. Hishine has a wealth of resources to analyze the actual needs of customers and apply proven technology to solve ball lighting problems. Hishine provides high quality products to ensure the lighting effect of the stadium. Hishine can provide good lighting solutions for different basketball arenas. Hishine’s innovative 50,000-hour constant lighting output ensures a constant lighting level and uniformity on site, avoids the need and cost of increased lighting equipment due to lighting attenuation, and reduces the power consumption of lighting equipment.


Guangdong Hishine to create a national brand of LED lighting, long-term engaged in all kinds of stadium lighting research and development, design, production and sales, with independent intellectual property rights, with core competitiveness. And the use of the Internet of Things technology, the lighting equipment for intelligent management, lighting mode switching, by the PC and mobile devices can be one-click mode switching, lighting can be in professional broadcast, professional competition, amateur competition, amateur training and other different modes of switching. It not only saves time, reduces the workload of managers, but also improves work efficiency.


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