How to Choose Rugby Field Lgihts?

The rugby field is a rectangular grass field 100 meters long and 70 meters wide. The two long sides of the court are sidelines, and the two short sides are touchdown lines. There is a touchdown area 10-22 meters deep behind the touchdown line, and the bottom line of this area is the dead ball line. There is a goal in the center of the touchdown line. The goalposts are 5.6 meters apart and connected by a crossbar at a height of 3 meters.

Is rugby field lighting the same as football field lighting?

The lighting of the rugby field is roughly the same as that of the football field, but the lighting of the football field is more detailed. Due to the different uses of football fields, the requirements for illumination are also different. Horizontal illuminance for training and entertainment activities is 200lx, amateur competition is 300lx, and professional competition is 500lx. On top of this, there are TV broadcasts with higher vertical illuminance. Domestic competitions are broadcast at 1000lx, international competitions are broadcast at 1400lx, and high-definition HDTV broadcasts are at 2000lx. Different illuminances meet different requirements. Competition requirements!

320W hishine high mast light

600W high lumen stadium light

Choice of light source for rugby field:

1. For outdoor rugby fields, HISHINE Group Limited Hi-Robot 1200W LED stadium lights should be used.

2. High lumen Hi-Robot 600W LED sports lighting can be used as the light source for special places.

3. The power of the light source should be compatible with the size of the competition field, the installation location and the height, and the uninterrupted or quick start of the light source should be guaranteed.

4. The light source should have suitable color temperature, good color rendering, high light efficiency, long life and stable ignition and photoelectric characteristics.

5. The correlated color temperature of the light source should also meet the lighting requirements!

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