How to choose the right linear light strip

The appearance level of the linear lamp belt is obvious to all, and many people’s biggest concern is that the linear lighting is insufficient.

The first conclusion: If you want to use linear lamp strips as basic lighting, the brightness is completely OK.

In the international interior design community, there are more and more cutting-edge design cases using only linear lamp strips as the main lighting of space. The key point is: as long as the right lamp is selected and designed well, the linear lamp belt can carry the responsibility of space basic lighting.
If you want to use the strip as auxiliary lighting, both decorative and basic brightness. This is the most common demand, it is recommended to choose a 1cm wide, 6w/ m style. This style of linear lamp has beautiful proportions and suitable brightness.

Its brightness is not very high, suitable for auxiliary lighting. Bedroom lighting, corridor lighting only use this lamp belt, brightness is no problem; However, the living room only uses this lamp belt, it will feel too dark, and it is usually used with key lighting sources such as downlights or floor lamps.
If you want a light strip as the main lighting, the space is no longer equipped with downlights. It is recommended to choose a 5cm wide, 20w/ m style as the main lighting. @Egg Brother reminds you: the light belt as the main lighting has relatively high requirements for the lighting design layout, which requires different combinations of lights and belts, and it is recommended to consult a professional lighting designer in combination with the lifestyle of the occupants.

Even if the use of this higher brightness of the light belt as the main lighting, in order to ensure that the sofa, coffee table, desktop and other areas to do fine operation when sufficient illumination, it is recommended to match with a special key lighting source, such as floor lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers, you can not use downlights.