Install light strips in the room – Do all light strips require a ceiling?

Of course not, not all linear lamp belts need to be suspended. There are several common types of linear lamp belt installation, and there are many types that do not need to be suspended ceilings:

Ceiling structure hidden lights (need ceiling). Usually there is a slit at the edge of the large flat top of the ceiling, which is used as the installation place of the light belt and the light outlet. This design not only keeps the ceiling simple and flat, but also maximizes the beauty of the linear lamp strip.

Curtain box with hidden lights (no ceiling required). As the name suggests, the linear light belt is hidden in the curtain box, and many units come with a curtain box, saving a lot of trouble in the installation of the light belt. The combination of lighting and curtain fabric adds a warm and comfortable quiet atmosphere.

There is no curtain box, curtain box is not trouble. The curtain box is not there to hide the lamp, but it makes the top of the curtain more beautiful, avoid light leakage at the same time, it is also an excellent place to hide the lamp, and can save the trouble of doing the ceiling.

Local ceiling hiding lights (need local ceiling). Local ceiling is one of the most traditional ways to hide lights, there is no need to do a full ceiling, usually around the ceiling to do local ceiling, can hide lights, but also installed embedded spotlights. The advantage is that it can provide soft and not dazzling basic lighting, the disadvantage is that it is easy to fall ash, and the design is not so simple and beautiful.

Aluminum trough light with hidden light (no ceiling required). Aluminum groove light belt is now a more popular light belt practice. If the ceiling has a ceiling, it is installed in a slot on the ceiling; If the ceiling is not suspended, it can be installed directly in the ceiling slot (without affecting the structural safety). The advantage is that the installation position is not limited, and the design is more indirect and beautiful, the disadvantage is that if you do not do the ceiling, the slot is relatively troublesome.

In general, the linear light belt does not necessarily depend on the suspended ceiling (the specific installation method can be seen in the previous article of @Egg brother). Without the ceiling, there are still many ways to play the linear light belt. Especially with the aluminum groove light belt (there are many kinds of aluminum groove light belts, here do not go into details), the installation restrictions and installation difficulty of the light belt are greatly reduced.

When you need to make a ceiling, it looks more troublesome. However, whether it is a local ceiling or a full ceiling, it may be necessary to take into account the needs of central air conditioning, embedded lamps, hidden pipes and other needs, and it is very simple to hide a linear lamp belt, and it can make the role of the ceiling play to the extreme.