Ways to repair light belts

The current mainstream light source is LED, relatively high stability, long life, the light source itself is actually not easy to cause problems. However, the household linear lamp belt is usually a low-voltage lamp belt, and the household high-voltage power to low-voltage must use a transformer. The current transformer technology is also relatively mature and not prone to problems, but the stability is not as high as the durable LED light source. Usually linear lamps have problems, mostly because of transformers.

Therefore, the lighting designer will recommend: do not seal the transformer in the ceiling during installation, but hide it in places that are easy to repair, such as the central air conditioning access port, the lamp slot, the top of the cabinet, the curtain box, etc.

Some people may worry: although leds rarely go wrong, no one can guarantee 100%, if the lamp beads go wrong, what to do?

Actually, this problem is easy to solve. The low-voltage linear lamp belt can be cut and spliced at will, if the lamp bead is damaged and cut and spliced again (there is a special lamp belt interface). The lampshade of the aluminum slot lamp belt can be easily disassembled and installed manually, and it is not difficult to maintain.