How to choose the right plant growth lamp to grow industrial hemp

Industrial hemp as an annual herb, in addition to its particularly important properties, it also has more uses, such as fiber products, clothing, ropes, sails, grease, paper and medical supplies as a raw material, but also has a lot of medicinal value. So in addition to the current cultivation of cannabis for the development of the textile industry, there are also greenhouse cultivation to explore the use of cannabis in other ways.

Industrial hemp is a light-loving, short-day crop, and late-maturing varieties are more sensitive to light, so pay special attention to light conditions when planting industrial hemp in greenhouses. The growth of plants and the content of various substances are affected by insufficient light. When planting in greenhouses, pay attention to the light transmittance, light intensity and light time in greenhouses.

In the greenhouse, you can choose the plant growth lamp to fill the light of industrial hemp,  but pay attention to the power of the plant growth lamp when choosing the fill light, and the high-power plant growth light can meet the lighting requirements of the growth of hemp. Weisuoye photoelectric plant lamp manufacturer has developed a high-power plant growth lamp suitable for industrial hemp cultivation. The lamp board is wide and thick, and the heat dissipation effect is good. The lamp spectrum is customized for the growth cycle of industrial hemp. At the same time, it can also be folded for storage and installation, and the whole lamp parts meet the IP65 waterproof standard.

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PG03 1000W LED Grow Light

If the temperature is higher in the greenhouse, the water is larger, and the water needs to be sprayed in the shed, the selected plant lamp should also pay attention to the waterproof function. If the power of the plant lamp is relatively large, it will lead to an increase in heat, so the plant lamp is best to have cooling facilities, which can extend the service life of the plant lamp.