How to determine the size of LED plant growth lamp suitable for their own planting?

This is a very confusing thing for many people to start using LED plant growth lights.

There are so many technical terms mixed with marketing lies that choosing the right LED plant growth light can be confusing.

So, what size LED grow lights do you need?

How to determine the size of LED plant growth lamp suitable for their own planting?插图
1000W LED Grow Light from hishine

In order to get the best yield, a good rule of thumb is to choose LED plant growth lights with an output of at least 50w per square foot of growing space, which can serve as an important reference

The most important equipment in the growing greenhouse is the lamp. Why? Light is food for plants, and you need to provide high quality food for plants so that they produce high quality yields. Due to their energy efficiency, durability and full spectrum, LED grow lights are now considered the best lighting option by most growers.

But even with the knowledge of choosing LED plant lights and the associated technical terminology, finding the right grow light for your growing project can still feel a little overwhelming.

To determine what size of LED plant growth light you need, you first need to calculate the exact size of your growing space.
Understanding PAR output

PAR, in simple terms, is part of the spectrum parameters that plants use for photosynthesis, so this is an important question. The higher the PAR output of a plant lamp, the more light the plant receives.
Ideally, you need to choose LED plant growth lights that output PAR in the above range.

This pretty much rules out LED growth lights below 300w, as they simply don’t have enough power to produce the required PAR levels. These are the optimal levels of PAR, and using a grow lamp with PAR output below these ranges will not cause any serious effects, except that it will not maximize the potential of plant growth.

Hopefully this article will clarify how to choose the right size plant light to fill in the light for your project. As long as you know the size of the growing space and how many watts per square meter you need, choosing LED plant growth lights is very simple.