In the era of micro-spacing and specialization, how do LED companies build “high walls”?

The development of technology promotes the upgrading of products, and the pursuit of product performance forces the further upgrading of technology. Opportunities and challenges coexist, at the 2024 Jiban Consulting New display industry seminar, Yan Chunwei, research and development director of kinglight crystal table, introduced the new changes in the LED display industry from the perspective of packaging companies, and corresponding measures.
LED display technology presents two major development trends

Yan Chunwei pointed out that the current LED display technology is mainly developing in the direction of micro-spacing, high-definition and specialization.

In terms of micro-pitch and high-definition, with the continuous reduction of the LED display point spacing, the clarity of the display has also been improved. Yan Chunwei said that the spacing of LED display has been reduced to below P1.2, and some products have even reached the micron level, which is driving the application scenario of LED display from outdoor to indoor, and the market space has been greatly expanded.

In terms of specialization, LED display is entering more specialized segments, including stage rental, radio and television broadcasting, high-end solid installation, etc., and different application markets have put forward different requirements for LED display, which has LED display products began to develop in the direction of specialization.

Boost the micro-pitch development, and push the MCOB program

Yan Chunwei pointed out that the main technical route of the current micro-pitch includes COB, COG and MiP, and the wafer innovation packaging technology, chip-level packaging on the front process of the Micro LED chip, and MiP re-packaging MCOB (MCOB=MiP+COB) after packaging. According to reports, MiP effectively solves the pain points of the current Micro LED in pixel uniformity, transfer yield, detection and repair, and helps the Micro LED achieve rapid mass production.

At present, Jingtai has launched a number of MiP products, including MC1010, MC0606, MC0505, MC0404, covering P0.5-P1.2, can be applied to VP/XR, LED cinema, outdoor ultra HD, micro display and other scenes. It is reported that the MiP technology of Jingtai has six advantages:

1. Display uniformity is good. MiP products through the spectral color separation, color brightness is uniform, and can achieve correction free.

2. High compatibility. MiP products can be arbitrarily arranged and combined into modules, adapt to a variety of point spacing choice, strong versatility, and high yield, simple maintenance.

3.High reliability and high protection. Filling MiP into MCOB and using optical glue can ensure that the product has good anti-knock, moisture-proof and dust-proof effect.

4. Good ink consistency. MiP can achieve uniform mixing, ensure the uniformity of device color, and ensure the consistency of module ink color after mounting.

5. Ultra-high contrast.

6. Large display Angle. It can achieve the effect of 180° unbiased color, and can be applied to arc screen or special scenes.

Professional market, to professional products

According to the needs of different professional display markets, Jingtai has launched a number of products.

Among them, the stage rental field requires the LED display to have good display effect, prevent bumping and dropping lights, adapt to long-term storage, extend life and reduce light decay. According to different use scenarios, Jingtai launches indoor and outdoor products:

In the room, the crystal table launched the 1415-S2 (P1.8-3.0), 2020-S2B (P2.6-3.9) two products, with high brightness (full screen brightness > 1000nit), high consistency, high contrast, high guarantee characteristics.

In addition, for the indoor rental market for LED display anti-collision requirements, the TOP four-in-one design, launched 4260-S1 (P2.6), 4195-S1 (P1.95) two products, of which 4260-S1 thrust up to 10 kg, 4195-S1 up to 8 kg, compared with conventional products 4-5 times. Effectively solve the problem of knocking off lights.

In the outdoor, the crystal table mainly has 1820-CS1, 1820-CS2, 1820-BB three products, with high brightness (full screen brightness > 5000nit), ultra-long life, high contrast, high consistency characteristics.

The field of radio and television production and broadcasting mainly includes two scenes: theater display and virtual studio. The requirements of this application scenario for LED display are shown in high gamut coverage, consistent display, uniform ink color, large viewing Angle, and high display finger.

Among them, in the theater display, Jingai launched the P3 series of cinema LED products, color gamut coverage of more than 98%, and can be customized according to the actual use of customer current, to ensure color gamut coverage, while both high consistency and high contrast (20000:1), and can support HDR. In terms of specific models, the P3 series mainly includes four products: 2020-P3, 1415-P3, 1010-P3 and MC0606-P3.

In terms of virtual studio, Jingtai has launched three products: 1212-XR, 1415-XR and 1515RGBW. Among them, 1212-XR and 1415-RX have the characteristics of immersive display (in line with DCI-P3 color gamuta, with high color reduction), high brightness + low power consumption, high ink consistency, and super field of view; 1515RGBW is the addition of white light chip on RGB products, this RGB+W product design can be applied to virtual shooting of the sky screen, the product has high brightness (whole screen brightness > 5000nit), high color rendering index (> 90) characteristics.

High-end solid installation products are mainly used in urban landmark buildings, which require LED displays with high brightness, high energy saving and long warranty characteristics. Jingtai launched the high-end solid flagship KS series, including 3535-KS4, 2727-KS4, 1820-KS3, 1820-KS3B four products. It is reported that this series of products have 10,000 brightness, low energy consumption, good color rendering effect, long life and other characteristics. It is worth mentioning that Jingtai KS series products also provide a warranty of up to 5 years.

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