With the advent of AI+ light display era, how can Mini/MicroLED release greater value

Driven by application scenarios such as meta-universe, digital virtual person, xR virtual shooting, and naked eye 3D, AI+ light display is building a new ecology of the industry. How will Mini/Micro LED seize the opportunity to deeply penetrate advertising, film and television, live broadcasting and other industries?

On March 21, at the 2024 TrendForce Consulting New Display seminar, Zhang Yanbo, deputy general manager of Zhouming Technology Industry Solutions Department, shared how AI+ light display links real space and digital space with the theme of “Mini/Micro LED display industry scene solutions and platform support”.
AI+ light display wind

Meta Universe has become a new air mouth of the science and technology industry, since 2023, many provinces and cities in China have issued meta Universe industrial development action plans and policies, and the documents all mention that it will promote the development of new display technology including Micro/Mini LED to meet the high-definition display needs of near-eye display, large-size immersive display and other meta universe related applications.

With the blessing of AI, the Mini/Micro LED display will play a more important role in the meta-universe scene. According to Zhang Yanbo, the LED display in the past for the meta universe and other digital space only plays a window role, the user only through this screen to see the digital world inside, and the means of interaction is limited, only through the mouse, touch interaction.

Based on the Internet of Things technology, Zhouming has created an optical display scene operation and management platform IOC, which provides unified access to hardware devices through the optical display platform based on the Internet of Things technology, and opens up various core scenarios such as display, lighting, audio, and system control. The platform also provides customers with full scenario construction of hardware + platform + operation, realizing unified access, unified management, unified operation and maintenance, and improving the overall management efficiency.

Through the docking of the platform and AIGC, through multi-modal learning and natural language processing, the combination of LED+AI will achieve digital content interaction, digital business processes and other interactions, and open up the barriers between reality and the meta-universe and digital space.

AI can also help build a meta-universe ecology, help users produce meta-universe content, and help users improve efficiency and reduce costs in the production process of digital virtual people and commercial naked eye 3D content.

Based on LED+AI, Zhou Ming has created a series of application cases such as VP&XR, fish tank screen, smart box, UTV, 3D naked eye screen, ball screen, special-shaped screen, CAVE space screen, etc., which can be widely used in film and television, radio and television, sports education, advertising and other industries, and can also carry out technical enabling and ecological cooperation.

AIGC can now be used in different audiovisual scenarios, offering a lot of possibilities for innovation and service enhancement. Looking forward to the future, from technological breakthroughs to various application scenarios, Zhouming Technology will comply with the industrial trend of “LED+AI”, empower content production with technological innovation, expand content production methods, and continue to let AIGC help industrial development.

Under the trend of AI+ light display, Mini/Micro LED display will deeply penetrate the metacunion-related industries, which is also one of the reasons why LED related manufacturers have expanded production and efficiency in the field of Mini/Micro LED in recent years through financing and fixed increase.

Technical support behind Mini/Micro LED loading

Driven by hot application areas such as the meta universe, the Mini/Micro LED industry has set off a boom in investment and expansion, but there are still problems to be solved. In the process of developing from Mini LED to Micro LED, with the doubling of the size of a single LED chip, the number of LED chips used in the same area has also doubled, and in the panel manufacturing process, the huge transfer yield has become the first problem to be solved.

At present, large transfer has become one of the two core of Zhouming Technology Mini/Micro COB technology layout, and its large transfer yield is > 99.999%.

In terms of chips, Zhouming adopts self-developed solid mixing algorithm to improve product uniformity and consistency while ensuring solid efficiency. After mixing the algorithm, the screen displays high picture consistency, and the white screen has no color difference when viewed from the left and right 180° Angle. Chau Ming also thoroughly solves the problem of perspective through the molding process.

Packaging, Chau Ming through EBL+ multi-layer optical processing technology, can achieve the ultimate pure matte black, contrast up to 30,000:1, performance of ultra-black background color, ultra-low Mohr pattern, ultra-high contrast, ultra-low reflection, ultra-soft display and ultra-low touch marks.

Traditional SMD products have a high temperature, Chau Ming has introduced the concept of cold screen in the main product, at 23℃ room temperature, the product temperature will not exceed 36℃, and the comfort experience is better.

At present, Zhou Ming has also developed half box, outer right Angle, curved box, inner arc splicing products, so that COB products can also be like SMD products, to meet the needs of different Spaces for LED display, and meet more environmental requirements through changing shapes. A series of technical layout, bring more in line with the market and user needs of products, for Zhouming Mini/Micro LED display in the AI+ light display era of multi-scene import to lay the foundation.

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