Intelligent lighting control mode

1, scene control: in the public area through the scene control panel in accordance with the pre-set scene to control the light area, you can define on, off, can also be defined as delay, such as automatic delay after turning on the light.


2, timing control: In some public areas can be controlled by time, according to the normal working time to arrange the switch time of the light, so that the light can be regularly on and off.


3, infrared mobile control: through the infrared mobile sensor to automatically control the lighting of public areas (such as: corridors, lounges and stairwells, etc.), according to the actual needs of the central monitoring computer can change its working state.


4, field panel control: each light area can not only automatically (timing or computer) control, but also provide on-site control, so that when special circumstances occur, the automatic (timing or computer) state to manually control the switch state of the light.


5, centralized switch control: Through the monitoring software with graphical display used on the customized central monitoring computer for the stadium, to provide the end user with a simple and clear interface, easy to operate, friendly graphical interface, so that non-professionals can also use normally, control the opening and closing of each light or each group of lights.


6, group combination control: through the central monitoring host can be all the lighting points for the combination of large scene control, in the holidays, you can through the preset lighting effect, the lighting of the whole building is transformed, forming the overall effect of the whole building lighting changes.


7, linkage with other systems: Through the interface can be linked with other systems (such as: building control, fire, security and other systems), according to specific needs to achieve the entire lighting system and other systems to achieve control of each lighting control point.


8, wide area control: according to needs, you can remotely monitor the working status of the entire lighting system through the Internet or mobile phone