What are the requirements for installing LED lights in classrooms?

1, first of all, to see whether the school has the relevant qualifications and conditions:


The school shall have corresponding qualification certificates, including business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate; At the same time, there must be a review of the fire department; In addition, it is necessary to have the approval documents of the Environmental Protection Bureau and other documents before construction.


  1. Then see if the school has relevant security measures:


In the campus lighting transformation, we must do a good job of safety precautions, such as the laying of power lines must meet the national standards; In the circuit transformation, it is also necessary to strictly follow the standard operation to perform, etc. These aspects need to be considered in advance.


  1. Finally, it depends on the specific needs of the school:


If the school has a certain requirement for lighting before renovation, then it can be designed and constructed directly in accordance with this demand, but if it is not clearly proposed, it must first consult the relevant departments and then install it!