Mount scores Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool! What are the general lighting design schemes for football stadiums?

At 04:15 on March 5, Beijing time, the 29th round of the 2020/21 Premier League season was a focus battle at Anfield stadium, Liverpool hosted Chelsea! In the first half, Werner’s goal was ruled invalid, and Mount scored from a distance; The second half. The two sides did not score again, and the final game ended, Chelsea away 1-0 Liverpool, Liverpool suffered 5 consecutive home defeats!

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LED High Mast Lighting

Liverpool are sixth in the table after ending a four-game losing streak with a 2-0 win at Sheffield United. Chelsea’s recent record is stable, the last round of 0-0 draw at home to Manchester United, the last 12 league games against Liverpool only win 1 game, the remaining 11 games 5 draws 6 losses, currently ranked fifth.

After the opening of the first half, the transition between the two sides was very fast, in the 7th minute, Liverpool sent a long ball from the back, Robertson inserted a stopped ball across, Salah knocked back, Robertson outside the penalty area a low shot, the ball deflected off the bottom line. In the 16th minute, Aspilicueta barb into the penalty area, Tiago off the top, Werner followed the volley pad shot, Alisson confiscated the ball. In the 24th minute, Jorginho’s accurate through ball, Werner swung a single knife over the attacking Alisson and fired into the empty goal, but the referee looked at the VAR and signaled that Werner was offside, and the goal was invalid. In the 42nd minute, Chelsea quickly attacked, Kante sent a long ball, Mount followed the ball to the penalty area, using speed to get away from Fabinho after the right foot curling ball to score, Chelsea away 1-0 lead!

In the second half, the two sides changed sides to fight again, in the 48th minute, Firmino cross on the right side of the penalty area played in Kante’s hands, which referee Atkinson did not say. The 61st minute, Liverpool personnel adjustment, Klopp with Jota replaced Jones, with Chamberlain replaced Salah; For Chelsea, Pulisic comes on for Ziyech. Neither side scored until the end of the game. In the end, Chelsea beat Liverpool 1-0 away.
The basic dimensions of the football stadium lighting design are generally divided into the following categories:

11-a-side football field length: 90-120 meters, width: 45-90 meters;

International competition standard size length: 105-110 meters, width: 68-75 meters;

According to the type and size of the football field, the height of the football field light pole will also change, of which the Angle between the midpoint of the pitch and the lower edge of the spotlight shall not be less than 25 degrees. Note: In order to protect the safety of the players, any lighting facilities and buildings shall not be installed within 5 meters outside the perimeter of the pitch.

Corner lighting pole height: The common football field lighting method needs to consider horizontal illumination and vertical illumination and uniformity, better maintain the field of view of players and referees, and ensure the lighting brightness required for television broadcasting.

Mount scores Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool! What are the general lighting design schemes for football stadiums?插图2

Football field lighting methods are generally divided into the following types:

1, four corner cloth light

Features: Four light poles are arranged in the position of four corners, and should also be arranged outside the normal realization of athletes, diagonal light poles are usually on the diagonal extension line of the football field;

Position of the light pole: When there is no TV broadcast, 5° outside the center line and 10° outside the bottom line are small values, the light pole can only be arranged in the area, there is a TV broadcast venue, the Angle outside the bottom line should not be less than 15°.

Football field light and lamp bracket: In order to better control glare, the projection Angle of the football field should not be greater than 70°, that is, the shading Angle of the football field light should be greater than 20°.

The projection Angle of the lamp: the football field light installation bracket should be tilted forward 15° to avoid the upper row of lights being blocked by the lower row of lights, resulting in light loss and uneven illumination on the pitch.

2. Layout on both sides

Light belt arrangement characteristics: generally have the grandstand situation, the canopy at the top of the grandstand can support the lighting device, light belt arrangement is a lateral arrangement, more continuous light belt, and now the segmented light belt arrangement is often applied, compared with the four corner arrangement, light belt arrangement of the lamps closer to the court, the lighting effect is better.

Light belt position: In order to maintain good sight conditions for the goalkeeper and players attacking near the corner area, lighting devices cannot be arranged within 15° on both sides of the bottom line, based on the goal line emphasis.

The following is according to the 7-a-side football field design scheme to explain:

1, seven-a-side football field length: 70 meters, width: 50 meters;

2, the court lighting should be uniform, the luminosity should be sufficient, and the placement of lighting equipment should not prevent the vision of the players.

According to the field calculation, it is required to meet the general recreational activities and amateur training standards, and the average illumination of the field is about 300lx.

Lighting mode:

The two sides of the stadium are covered with lights, and 8 light poles are installed, each light pole is lit by 6 300W floodlights, and a total of 48 lights are lit.

Standard 7-a-side football field lighting pole configuration – football field lighting installation scheme design

Basic configuration: A total of 8 light poles, each light pole with 6 300w stadium special lamps;

Light pole parameters: height 12m, upper diameter 80mm, lower diameter 220mm, wall thickness 4.0mm, floor cage by 4 pieces of 22mm rebar welded, height 1.0m, chassis 580x580x16mm, using internal and external hot-dip galvanizing technology, surface spray UV protection fluorocarbon paint.

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Mount scores Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool! What are the general lighting design schemes for football stadiums?插图3
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3. The football field light adopts PC lens, soft light, anti-glare design, uniform light distribution;

4. Color rendering index CRI > 80, color temperature 5500, meet the needs of professional competition lighting;

5. Fearless of harsh outdoor environment, resistance to 17 wind;

6. Independent power box design, conducive to the lamp body heat dissipation, reduce light decay;

7. Light weight, easy to install and reduce transportation costs;

8. Intelligent lighting system can realize training entertainment mode, amateur competition mode, professional competition mode

9. TV transmission mode can also be linked with other subsystems of intelligent buildings. The control operation is simple, can be controlled on the computer and mobile terminal.