Illuminance, power, color temperature requirements and installation specifications of led lamps for classrooms

Using led lights to illuminate the classroom not only saves electricity but also facilitates teachers’ lesson preparation and students’ learning. But what are the requirements for led lights in classrooms? The following is a small series to introduce to you.

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1. led lights in the classroom should meet the illumination requirements:
Illuminance is a physical quantity that represents the brightness of an object, and is measured in lux (lx). The measurement of illuminance generally adopts the measurement method of luminous flux, that is, by measuring the ratio of the light output intensity of the light source to the luminous flux of a specified reference point.

2. Power selection of led lights for classrooms:
The rated power of lamps used in schools is generally about 30w-50w; In some special cases, high-power lamps such as stage lights need to reach more than hundreds of watts.

3. Choice of color temperature of led lamp in classroom:
Color temperature refers to the color of the light emitted by the light source and the color of the blackbody radiation at a certain temperature at the same time the corresponding Kelvin temperature value is called the color temperature value of the light source (cie1931 definition).

4. Choice of classroom life:
Under normal circumstances, the service life is more than 5000 hours, more than this range should consider replacing the new equipment or maintenance of the old equipment.

5. Selection and precautions of installation location of led lamps:

(1) The installation height should be more than 50cm below the level of the student’s sight line

(2) It should be installed in a well-lit place indoors

(3) It should not be installed near the window or door

(4) Avoid direct sunlight

(5) Avoid being near heat sources

(6) Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof

(7) Avoid vibration

(8) Try to stay away from other electrical appliances

(9) Choose the appropriate bracket to fix

(10) Avoid damaging the surface coating during installation

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