High-power floodlight venue lighting application _ Advantages of outdoor LED high-power floodlight

Modern large-scale comprehensive sports venues should not only meet various sports events, but also meet other artistic performances or exhibition activities. In the comprehensive stadium, we must not only have high-quality equipment and facilities, but also have a good field lighting environment, in order to meet the requirements of athletes, referees, spectators and television broadcasts in the field.

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General lighting fixtures can not meet the large football field lighting, so specialized high-power floodlights will be used by the site. High-power floodlight is a kind of energy-saving floodlight with high-power LED as a light source, and the dedicated LED high-power floodlight can produce a variety of colors, and compared with other general lighting lamps, the light is more gentle and close to natural light, good stability, and can adjust the floodlight Angle to achieve satisfactory lighting effect.

Professional brand LED high-power floodlight can be used in large comprehensive venues, stadiums, basketball stadiums, stadiums and other venues, and the light is not dazzling, soft light, uniform illumination and other advantages, a number of optical technology, unique light distribution technology, can be based on the different characteristics of each court for light distribution. Such as China Big Dipper LED high-power floodlight

The key to comprehensive stadium lighting is that the color temperature, illuminance, glare, color rendering can meet the specified standards, but also have enough horizontal and vertical illuminance. In addition to choosing a reasonable high-power floodlight, there is also the choice of the control system mode and the installation height and arrangement of the lamps. Professionals or companies for different customer needs, according to the overall planning of the venue, develop different lighting design schemes, and then professional engineers for the installation of lamps and other modes.

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In the case of the installation Angle and arrangement of the lamps in the site, the vertical illumination is not the same, a good installation position of the lamps, will make the light in the site is soft and not dazzling, and the illumination is uniform without dark area. A bad lighting installation position not only makes the light in the venue different, dazzling, glare high, and even may have other adverse effects on athletes, referees and spectators. Secondly, if the venue has television or other media transmission requirements, it is necessary to adjust the ratio between the camera and the light on the other side, and control it within a certain range.

In order to achieve good television broadcasting effect, professional LED high-power floodlight is not only related to illuminance, but also closely related to the color temperature and color rendering of the lighting source, the light source related color temperature should be greater than 5000K and the light source color rendering index is greater than or equal to 80, in order to achieve the best lighting effect and television broadcasting effect.

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