On March 28, the 2024 (19th) China Road Lighting Forum ended in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

On March 28, the 2024 (19th) China Road Lighting Forum ended in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

The forum lasted for 3 days, sponsored by China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, China Lighting Association smart street lamp Committee, Beijing Tongtai International Exhibition Co., LTD. Nearly 500 representatives from nearly 20 provinces and cities, more than 50 city/county municipal street lamp management units, production enterprises, design institutes, testing research institutions and local industry associations attended the meeting. He Ye, Vice president of China Light Industry Federation and chairman of China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, attended the forum and made a keynote speech entitled “Innovation-driven Quality Improvement – Enabling high-quality development of road lighting with new quality productivity”. Liu Shengping, Executive director of the China Association of Lighting Appliances, presided over the opening ceremony of the forum, and Wang Zhuo, secretary-general, made the closing summary. In the two-day forum, we will listen to high-level technical reports, understand the lighting design of major national projects, and share successful experience in urban lighting management.

During the meeting, 24 reports and speeches from municipal street lamp management departments, design institutes and production enterprises were invited, 6 interactive experts shared special topics, and more than 30 production enterprises were displayed on the spot. The communication content of the meeting from the design, production, use, maintenance and other perspectives, focusing on the development and construction of current road lighting from the following aspects of the general Assembly exchange.

Guan Yong, vice chairman of the China Lighting Association and general manager of Longteng Lighting Group Co., LTD., analyzed the market potential of China’s urbanization construction on road lighting in the future by comparing the level of urbanization rate at home and abroad. It is proposed to obtain growth momentum through the combination of multiple factors and digitalization, but also to seize the opportunity to enter overseas and obtain a new round of development.

Liu Yi, deputy director of the Smart Street Lamp Committee of China Lighting Association and vice president of Sichuan Huati Lighting Technology Co., LTD., shared the enterprise’s thinking on releasing new quality productivity through technological innovation, cultural customization and sales model innovation. Guangdong Dongrond Power Source Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Maoshuo Electronic Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Huahaode Electronics Co., LTD., Shenzhen Songsheng Electronics Co., LTD., Guangdong Niubao Power Supply Technology Co., LTD., from the perspective of cost control, large-scale production and technological innovation on the drive power supply design trend to share the new design concept.

Second, emphasize the principle that road lighting must first serve road safety

Creating a safe road traffic environment is the first goal of road lighting construction, and ensuring safety is the bottom line. Wang Xiaoming, vice chairman of the Shanghai Lighting Society, Chen Yang, Director of the Technology Department/Landscape Department of Changzhou City Lighting Engineering Co., LTD., Liu Erli, director of the Marketing Department of Shanghai Times Light Lighting Electrical Testing Co., LTD., and Cheng Jin, chief engineer of Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., from the perspective of street lamp construction and maintenance as well as product standards and quality testing, The key points of road lighting products and installation and construction safety are emphasized. They interpret the road lighting safety and environmental requirements in combination with relevant standards, and based on the actual cases of road lighting construction projects, put forward optimization suggestions for the design of anti-fall devices, lighting structures, circuit structures, and distribution lines. Xin Pingye, vice president of Guangdong Zhengli General Electric Co., Ltd. shared how to do a good job in the fine management of the three sectors of monitoring, security and assets to achieve efficiency improvement.

Third, exchange the role and practice of smart lighting in the construction of smart cities

Li Yifei, director of Chengdu Lighting Supervision and Service Center, introduced the example of vehicle illumination detection, proposed the importance of digital platform application technology for big data computing power, small data accuracy and reasonable data logic structure for practical application, and shared that through intelligent management platform, strengthen data interaction, improve the safety and toughness of road lighting, and achieve on-demand lighting. And practical experience from fault repair to preventive maintenance. Su Huancheng, Deputy Secretary-General of China Lighting Association Smart Street Lamp Special Committee/General Manager of Guangzhou Jiayuan Internet Service Co., LTD., Jin Qifeng, Deputy general manager of Suzhou City Investment Lighting Development Co., LTD., Li Xiaoming, Chairman of Nanjing Likong iot Technology Co., LTD., Zhang Nansong, chairman of Shenzhen Cloud Sound Technology Co., LTD., Fang Chao, Technical Director of Functional lighting of Shenzhen Aiklet Technology Co., LTD., D Huang Feng, Chairman of ALI Alliance China Focus Group, introduced the role of intelligent control and fine management in the field of road lighting.

Fourth, explore the direction and key points of green and low-carbon development in the field of road lighting

Wu Shitong, product director of Opu Road Lighting Co., LTD., Vice president of China Lighting Association, shared the application case of lighting products using innovative pasted solar film technology in Shanghai Pudong road lighting construction; In his speech, Guan Yong, vice chairman of the China Lighting Association and general manager of Longteng Lighting Group Co., LTD., introduced new technologies in light pole materials and manufacturing processes, and called for upgrading and revising light pole standards to promote the green performance of light pole manufacturing; Geng Yunjiu, deputy general manager of Zhuhai Huermei Lighting Co., LTD., introduced the case of improving the utilization rate, high light efficiency and maintenance factor while further reducing the comprehensive cost by optimizing the lamp pole size and installation spacing; Shi Lingna, deputy director of China Merchants Chongqing Transportation Research and Design Institute Co., LTD., introduced the zero-carbon case of light guide lighting technology in the tunnel application, and the relevant situation of energy saving and emission reduction through the use of new lighting technology and smart lighting in the service area under the two-carbon policy.

5. Share lighting cases in national major projects and better life construction

Zhang Zhengfu, deputy director of mechanical and electrical branch of Beijing Jiaoke Highway Survey and Design Institute Co., LTD., and head of Shenzhen-China Channel power supply lighting design, introduced the key points and related application cases of large-scale cross-sea project lighting design combined with the case of Shenzhen-China Channel. Ma Yabo, section chief of Shanghai City Comprehensive Management Affairs Center, introduced the case of Shanghai city road comprehensive pole construction in combination with urban micro-renewal structure to build urban infrastructure bearing platform. Chen Yang, Director of the Technical Department/Landscape Department of Changzhou City Lighting Engineering Co., LTD., introduced the case of Changzhou Landmark landscape lighting and shared the experience in the design and construction of related projects. Chen Yaoting, executive deputy general manager of China Energy Saving Crystal and Technology Co., LTD., introduced the current application of EMC mode in public domain lighting under the background of new urbanization development, and discussed its future development trend. Lin Hai, vice chairman unit of China Lighting Association and general manager of outdoor lighting domestic marketing of Shenzhen Zhouming Technology Co., LTD., combined with the technical characteristics of the company’s smart light display products, shared the company’s latest solutions and related cases. Jin Qifeng, deputy general manager of Suzhou City Lighting Development Co., LTD., shared the company’s practical experience around the application of smart lighting control standards, and discussed the development trend of relevant standard applications.

At the same time, the Forum held a training course on “Road Lighting Technology”, and nearly 200 people participated in the training and obtained completion certificates; During the meeting, a visit to Suzhou City night view lighting was also organized, and a visit to OpP Lighting global R&D Center was organized on the afternoon of the 28th. Thirty companies set up booths in the exhibition hall and outside the venue, exhibiting products such as smart light poles, drive power supplies, and control systems.

The holding of the conference has been strongly supported by the backbone enterprises of the industry, highlighting the adaptability of enterprises to macro policy changes, the resilience of adhering to technological innovation and development transformation, and the good spirit of looking for development opportunities from change, providing new ideas and methods for the next stage of road lighting work, and promoting the healthy development of the field.