What may cause the lamp water?


The causes of water in lamps may include the following:


The installation is not firm, the sealing is not good: if the lamp is not firmly installed or the sealing performance is poor, it may lead to external moisture entering the lamp. For example, installation problems such as uneven installation or poor welding of outdoor lamps may lead to gaps in the interior of the lamps, so that water such as rain can penetrate into the interior of the lamps.

The material of the lamp is not waterproof or poor waterproof performance: the material of some lamps is not waterproof itself, or the waterproof performance is not good, which may also lead to water entering the interior of the lamp.

Extreme weather effects: In extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain at night, the outside of the lamp may be blocked, and water flows down the wire into the inside of the lamp.

Rainwater accumulation: In the rainy season or Meiyu season, if the water near the street lamp and other lamps is more serious, and the street lamp itself is unreasonable or the rain is not discharged in time, long-term water accumulation may also lead to water accumulation inside the lamp.

For the above reasons, in order to avoid the lamp water, the following measures can be taken:


Ensure that the luminaire is firmly installed and has good sealing performance.

Choose the lamp material with good waterproof performance.

In extreme weather conditions, pay attention to clean up the water around the lamp in time to avoid water flowing down the wire into the lamp.

For outdoor lamps such as street lights, it is necessary to regularly check and clean up the surrounding water to ensure that the rainwater can be discharged in time.

Please note that the lamp should be treated in time after water, to avoid electric shock or other damage, while protecting the life of the lamp.