Research advancement of non-visual health light based on artificial intelligence technology

From dawn to early morning, from bright noon to dusk and night, our natural body rhythm has evolved to be subject to the ever-changing sunlight, and this 24-hour cycle in the body is called the circadian rhythm.

Light is not only a medium that allows us to see things, it also determines our mood, determines our rhythm, it can make us excited, but also can make us calm. Light plays an essential role in defining the spatial environment. More and more people have realized the importance of rational use of modern lighting.
The research on the non-visual effects of modern lighting on human body is more and more in-depth, especially the study on the influence of light on human circadian rhythm system through non-visual channels. In fact, the internal circadian rhythm of the human body is not an absolute 24H, because the human body relies on the perception of periodic sunlight, so that the human rhythm is calibrated to the 24H of the Earth’s rotation, this process is called the light synchronization of the circadian rhythm. The photosynchronization of circadian rhythm is mainly realized by ipRGC photoreceptor cells, and rod cells and cone cells are also affected to some extent. Melatonin has the function of changing hormone secretion and regulating human activity mechanism, and the secretion of melatonin has obvious circadian rhythm. Nowadays, we live indoors for a long time, and living in an unreasonable light environment for a long time will change the internal circadian rhythm of the human body, which will affect the physical and mental health of the human body.
Healthy rhythm lighting is a way for us to adjust work and life with light, it is a landing way of humanistic lighting, good rhythm lighting provides us with a systematic, directional, strong way, planning and use of lighting system, the system is small to a bulb to a system, properly used, twice the result with half the effort.
USA Varaluz Health Rhythm Lighting Program:

American Varaluz lighting insight into the impact of light on physiological rhythms, sleep and emotions, and creatively proposed non-visual health light based on artificial intelligence technology. Through the research of luminous device innovation, spectral optimization and product value enhancement, we focus on enhancing the new direction of non-visual health light such as efficiency light, children’s health light, sleep promoting light and relaxing mood light, and strive to create a future light based on scene understanding, people-oriented and healthy lighting.
With the latest control technology of Varaluz lighting in the United States, it can even achieve the triple needs of tunable spectrum, tunable color points, and tunable saturation, so that the reduction of artificial light to natural spectrum has taken a new stage.

In addition to reducing the spectrum and improving the light quality, another focus of Varaluz health rhythm lighting in the United States is to simulate the law of solar movement to regulate the human body rhythm. Through the autonomous algorithm, tracking the sunrise and sunset data, simulate the change of color temperature and brightness within 24 hours, from dawn to quiet night, echoing the real sunlight, automatically adjust the color temperature and brightness according to different scenes, “bring sunlight home”, assist in healing emotions, regulate body rhythm, and maintain healthy physiological balance.

Through the deep research and development of the underlying algorithm of the software, the intelligent algorithm can accurately locate the time zone position, calculate the local sunshine law, and ultimately present the user with a scientific rhythm lighting effect in line with the human body rhythm.
Follow nature, care for health.

The ultimate purpose of rhythm lighting is to make intelligent lighting truly meaningful to people, and regulate internal rhythms and emotions at different times and scenes.

It also means more tools, products and materials for us lighting designers in Varaluz, USA. In addition to considering the visual and sensory intuitive visual effects, we will create more pragmatic health value for users at the higher level of biological rhythm, psychological emotion and so on.

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