The significance of “full spectrum” and “rhythm light” to the development of health lighting

Full spectrum and rhythm light are important components of health lighting, and they are of great significance to the development of health lighting.

The significance of “full spectrum” and “rhythm light” to the development of health lighting插图
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1. The significance of the full spectrum: Traditional lighting sources usually can only provide a limited spectral range, which may lead to insufficient or excessive light of certain wavelengths, thus affecting the health and psychological state of the human body. Full-spectrum lighting can provide a continuous spectrum closer to natural light, including different wavelengths of light such as ultraviolet, visible light and infrared light. This light source provides a more realistic, natural visual experience, helping to reduce eye strain and improve comfort. In addition, full spectrum lighting can also promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the human body, which is beneficial to bone health. Therefore, full spectrum lighting is considered to be an important development direction for health lighting.

2. The significance of rhythm light: The body’s biological clock system will adjust the physiological rhythm according to the environmental light, such as sleep-wake cycle, hormone secretion, etc. Rhythm light refers to the lighting source designed according to the law of the human body clock, which can simulate the change of natural light, regulate the human body clock, and promote physical and mental health. Studies have shown that circadian light can effectively improve sleep quality, improve work and study efficiency, and reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. Therefore, rhythm light is of great significance for improving people’s quality of life and health level.

In summary, full spectrum and rhythm light are important directions for the development of health lighting, which can provide people with a more comfortable and healthy light environment, helping to improve the quality of life and promote health. With the continuous improvement of people’s demand for healthy lighting, full spectrum and rhythmic light will play an increasingly important role in the lighting industry.