The advantages of solar street lights

Solar energy – one of the main sources of energy for humanity in this century. By 2030, world electricity production will mainly rely on solar energy. Solar energy, as a non polluting and inexhaustible new energy source, will be everywhere. Solar photovoltaic products are the process of converting the sun into electrical energy under the action of light. They are a new energy source developed using high-tech and are the new light sources that humans aspire to and pursue in the 21st century.


The main innovation points of products such as solar street lights and solar power generation systems:

  1. Energy saving, it utilizes natural light sources without consuming electrical energy, and it is inexhaustible;
  2. Environmental protection, meeting the requirements of green environmental protection, pollution-free and radiation free, protecting the ecology;
  3. Safety, as the product does not use AC power and uses batteries to absorb solar energy, it is converted into light energy through low-voltage DC power, making it the safest power source;
  4. With high technological content, the core device of the product is an intelligent controller. The self-control and time control switch devices can be automatically adjusted according to the brightness of the sky within 24 hours a day and the brightness needed by people in various environments;
  5. The product has a long service life, low installation cost, and convenient maintenance.