What should we pay attention to in a good lighting environment?

Firstly, it is the applicable place. Different applicable venues have different requirements, and using the same standard to measure can cause significant waste. For example, broadcast level color rendering performance requirements are relatively high, while ordinary entertainment level stadiums do not have very high requirements for this.

The second method is the placement of lights. For example, outdoor basketball courts usually use side lights, but indoor basketball courts usually use chandeliers, and lights are also placed on the top of sports arenas.

Finally, it’s about lighting uniformity, brightness, and glare. With the development of various technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, the advanced Hishine LED smart lighting system will usher in greater development space.

  1. Easy implementation of secondary energy conservation: On the basis of energy-saving in lighting, intelligent management is used to reduce energy consumption again and effectively save energy.
  2. Light mode switching: The light switches between different modes such as professional broadcasting, professional competitions, amateur competitions, and amateur training.
  3. Significantly improving management efficiency: Through the intelligent lighting system management platform, we have upgraded from human management to intelligent management mode.
  4. Ensuring the safety of sports lighting: On the basis of achieving a healthy lighting environment, real-time monitoring of equipment operation status and rapid response. Since entering the sub field of sports lighting, Hishinehas provided high-quality lighting fixtures and mature system lighting solutions. During the project implementation process, it has formed an excellent team of sports lighting experts to conduct detailed and complete lighting design and on-site inspections based on the structural characteristics of different venues, and completed on-site lighting debugging according to the lighting design drawings.


We have efficiently created numerous successful sports lighting engineering cases. One after another large-scale sports stadium lighting projects undertaken by Hishine, such as Inner Mongolia Sports Center and 6 major sports stadiums in Zhigu Fuchun Park, have come to a perfect conclusion and ultimately received unanimous recognition from the venue owners and users. This once again proves to everyone the technical strength and professional reliability of Hishine in the field of sports lighting. The Hishine LED stadium light is very suitable for long-distance illumination on large fields. Smaller in size, more convenient for transportation, installation, and maintenance; Smaller windward area and higher safety factor. The entire lamp adopts a high-purity aluminum material integrated design, which is lighter and more durable compared to traditional lamps, and has a higher safety factor. At the same time, the indoor venue lighting is equipped with high resolution LED chips, high color fidelity LED chips, and no flicker, which can meet the requirements of high-definition television broadcasting, greatly improving the audience’s on-site viewing experience and the quality of television broadcasting.


In addition, Hishine has also launched professional light distribution angles for narrow, medium, and wide areas, which can meet the light distribution needs of different venues. At the same time, professional optical design is implemented to effectively reduce overflow and low glare, avoid light pollution, and better comply with HDTV broadcast level lighting standards. In terms of brand selection for sports lighting fixtures, many sports venues in the industry have chosen to cooperate with Hishine so far. Hishine ‘s lighting fixtures not only have excellent glare and overflow treatment, but also have excellent performance in energy conservation, service life, installation and maintenance, intelligent applications, lighting quality, and other aspects, making them a choice for lighting in many sports venues.