The Basketball Court Lighting Design in the First Slam Dunk Movie

he first Slam Dunk movie, released in 1994, is a classic anime film that tells the story of a high school basketball team’s journey to the national championship. The movie is known for its stunning animation and intense basketball scenes, but one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the lighting design.

The lighting design in the first Slam Dunk movie is a crucial element that sets the tone and mood for each scene. The movie’s lighting designer, Tatsuo Yamada, used a variety of lighting techniques to create a dynamic and visually stunning film.

indoor basketball court

One of the most striking lighting techniques used in the movie is chiaroscuro lighting. Chiaroscuro is a technique that uses strong contrasts between light and dark to create a dramatic effect. Yamada used this technique in many of the basketball scenes to highlight the players’ movements and create a sense of tension and excitement.


Another lighting technique used in the movie is color grading. Color grading is the process of adjusting the colors in a film to create a specific mood or tone. Yamada used color grading to create a warm and nostalgic feel for the flashbacks and a cooler, more intense feel for the basketball scenes.


The use of shadows is another important aspect of the lighting design in the movie. Shadows are used to create depth and dimension in the scenes, as well as to emphasize the characters’ emotions and actions. Yamada used shadows to great effect in the scenes where the main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi, is struggling with his emotions and trying to find his place on the team.

The lighting design in the movie has to rely on the construction of the real scene. Especially in the basketball arena. The illuminance requirements of general basketball halls are as follows.

LED lighting standard

The lighting design in the movie has to rely on the construction of the real scene. Especially in the basketball aren

The lighting brightness of the National Basketball League in the first slam dunk generally needs to meet the broadcasting standards of national professional events. This requires careful design of indoor basketball court lighting.


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