What advantages of badminton court special lights?


Badminton, fast hand, moderate amount of exercise, need less equipment, low consumption, so the popularity is very high, which also makes the badminton court is very much, now there are many people want to open a badminton hall. A considerable part of the feathers will worry about the lighting, because when they played badminton before, the lighting of many badminton venues they encountered was not good enough, either not bright enough, or too bright, dazzling, uneven brightness.


Why is this? Because some of the old venues, the lamps used are still gold halide lamps or row lights. Row lights are usually assembled by 6-8 straight tubes, the light Angle is single, the light is parallel divergence irradiation, this light mode, determines that the row lights can not be installed too high, the height is between 3 and 5 meters, athletes do not have to look up, the light is illuminated optic nerves, eye fatigue fast. If the light is not high enough, it will also cause strong parallax when the athletes look up at the badminton flying high in the air. Frequent parallax will also accelerate visual fatigue. And the badminton in the high altitude, due to the lack of light received, will also make the athlete can not see the movement of the badminton, resulting in the strength can not be played normally. So even brightness in space is also very important. In addition, the lamp has a short service life, usually needs to be replaced in large quantities, and consumes a lot of power.

There are badminton halls with high-power energy-saving lamps, most of which use 6U and 8U, assuming that they are only lit for 8 hours a day, and the life of energy-saving lamps can only be maintained within half a year. The structure of the high-power energy-saving lamp is simple, the U-shaped lamp area is relatively small, the heat dissipation performance is not good, the heating is fast after lighting, and the energy-saving lamp will be burned out for a long time, bringing a lot of lamp replacement and manual maintenance costs. With the emergence of LED lamps, the shortcomings of insufficient light efficiency of energy-saving lamps are also reflected.

Some badminton courts use gold halide lamps, there will be glare, stroboscopic problems and so on. Gold halide lamp also has a serious problem, it starts slowly, it can not be started continuously, for the external business of the badminton hall, it is very troublesome, when there are customers to play, they need to open the lamp in advance.
Some new badminton halls, or some reformed badminton halls, use mainstream LED lamps, but when they put the lights on, you will find that whenever the sports sports head up to catch the ball, it will be the light source of LED lamps to flash, affecting the players’ playing experience. So choose badminton court lamps, choose badminton court special lights, such as Hishine lightingLED badminton court special lights, it can solve the problem of glare through the following ways:

(1) Professionally designed lamps for LED characteristics, rather than simple replacement of traditional light sources;

(2) Reasonable lens and reflector design to achieve effective control of light;

(3) Make full use of the secondary reflection of the reflector to reduce direct glare;

(4) Reasonably determine the working power of the LED light source to control its central light intensity;

(5) Design a suitable external glare controller to reduce glare and improve light efficiency by re-reflection;

(6) Control the projection Angle and direction of a single different LED lamp bead.

Hishine  K8 No Glare Indoor Sports Light Parameters


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K8 led no glare indoor linear light

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K8 No Glare Indoor Sports Light Parameters

The Dangers Of Glare In Sports Venues The glare hazard of lamps and lanterns in sports venues can cause visual discomfort, visual fatigue, and emotional anxiety: when it is severe, it will cause short-term visual disability to visual target objects (badminton and table tennis balls). According to the degree of harm, it can be divided into: discomfort glare hazard and transient visual disability glare hazard.

Uncomfortable glare hazard of stadium lighting is a problem that should not exist in the lighting of badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis, football and other sports venues; short-term visual disability glare hazard is more dangerous for badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, Problems that are not allowed in the lighting of tennis, football and other sports venues.

How K8 Indoor Sports Light To Eliminate Glare?

In order to ensure that people are not affected by glare when playing on indoor badminton courts, tennis courts, and table tennis courts, we have finally developed our new K8 indoor glare-free stadium lights after half a year of development and testing.

Unique light reflection design Our K8 indoor glare-free sports lights, we innovatively used two large semi-arc reflectors made of die-cast aluminum to reflect the light emitted by the built-in LED lights, which reduces glare from the source and solves the problem of indoor stadiums. glare problem.