K8 No Glare Indoor Sports Light

Product Parameters:

  • Part Number: HS-HB-K8
  • Wattage: 100W-400W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 180LM/W
  • Lumen Output: 18000lm-72000lm
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Certification: UL,DLC,CB,CE,SAA

Product Details

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K8 No Glare Indoor Sports Light Features

1.High lumen efficacy 180lm/w, energy saving 40%

2.Lightweight design with high brightness and low light attenuation

3.Wattage ranging from 100W to 400w

4.Intelligent Zigbee controller, supports wireless on/off, dimming, color conversion, grouping remote control

5.Multiple Mounting Options: Suspended mounted/Ceiling mounted/Boom mounted

K8 No Glare Indoor Sports Light Parameters

Part Number HS-HB100W-K8 HS-HB150W/200W-K8 HS-HB250W/300W-K8 HS-HB400W-K8
Input Power 100W 150W/200W 250W/300W 400W
Lumen Output 18000lm 27000lm/36000lm 45000lm/54000lm 72000lm
LED Chip Lumileds 3030
Luminous Efficacy 180LM/W
LED Quantity 224pcs 448pcs 672pcs 896pcs
CCT 3000K-6500K
Input Voltage AC100-277V/347V/480V,50/60HZ
PF >0.92
CRI >80
Beam Angle 120°(milky white PC lens)
IP Rating IP22
Working Temperature -30°~55°
Warranty 7 Years
Lifespan >50000hrs
Material Aluminum Housing+PC Lens
Certification UL,DLC Premium,SAA,TUV,VEET,CB

Unique Light Reflection Design

Our K8 indoor glare-free sports lights, we innovatively used two large semi-arc reflectors made of die-cast aluminum to reflect the light emitted by the built-in LED lights, which reduces glare from the source and solves the problem of indoor stadiums. glare problem.

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K8 No Glare Indoor Sports Light Details

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indoor lights fixed way

K8 No Glare Indoor Sports Light Application


⊿ K8 LED linear high bay light is used in warehouses, factory workshops, stations,  exhibition halls, large shopping malls, supermarkets, or other high hall lighting fields.

⊿ Warehouse:  High bay light K8 with a wide lighting range and uniform light, making the goods visible and convenient for workers to store and pick up goods.

⊿ Workshop: Provide 200LM/W high-brightness lighting so that workers can see the work area, improving work efficiency and safety.

⊿ Indoor Sporting Hall:  High bay lights can be installed in stadiums to provide strong lighting so that athletes and spectators can see the game, and improve the experience of the game and the effect of watching the game.

⊿ Supermarket: Provide high luminous efficacy that creates a bright environment, improving the shopping experience and sales.

⊿ Prison Courtyards: Powerful illumination allows drivers and security personnel to see, even in low-light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing security.

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Hishine Group Limited(HISHINEGR) warrants this HISHINEGR-branded hardware products against defects in materials and workmanship under nomal use for a period of Seven(7) YEARS from the date of purchase.HISHINEGR provides free replacement within the warranty period.
HISHINEGR shall charge against defeats by abnormal storage,usage,connection,or change the structure or any components of the products.

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