What are Requirements for Professional Digital Analog Archery Hall, Venue Lighting

Archery is a sport full of charm. The training of archery is not only the training of physique and archery skills, but also the training of psychological quality and psychological orientation. Archery is a soft and vigorous sport, suitable for men, women and children, is a lifelong sport. Archery emphasizes that the end of the body is symmetrical with the straight line force, in line with the human physiological health. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, digital archery is also more and more favored by people, through the intelligent system, you can immediately see your target number results.
Digital simulation archery hall site requirements

Archery archway requirements:

1. The international standard indoor special quiver specification is 18M, and the width of single quiver is between 1.1M and 1.4M

2. The length of leisure arrow is between 8m-15m, and the width of single arrow is between 1.2M and 1.5M

3. The archery area shall have more than 1 square meter of activity space

4. If the ground is smooth, reserve power supplies

Archery hall building requirements:

1, the height of the house: the length of the arrow 6-18 meters, the height of the house is not less than 2.5M; The length of the arrow is 18-40 meters, and the height of the house is not less than 3.5 meters;

2, the wall must be solid wall, light steel keel wall, wood wall, both sides must be partition protection;

3, fire, decoration, formal water and electricity, paint, ceiling and lighting systems must be completed before the installation of the archery hall;

4. The wall of the arrow museum needs to be clean, clean and smooth. In order to operate, the partition wall on both sides can be decorated and designed according to the style of the arrow museum;

5. Do not hang anything in front of the archery to prevent the arrow from shooting above;

Archery lighting system:

1. The brightness of the stand area is 100LUX

2, the brightness of the rest area is 100-150lux

3. The brightness of the archery area is 200LUX

4, arrow zone brightness is 50-100lux

5, the brightness of the target area is 500LUX (fluorescent lamp)

6, the arrow wall requires that the backplane does not drop ash to reach the flatness of ±2MM

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