What lamps should be used for school classroom lighting?

Nowadays, the state pays more and more attention to the transformation of classroom lighting, because the classroom lighting is not good, which directly affects the students’ vision and learning situation, so what lamps should be used in the school classroom lighting?

LED lamps are becoming more and more popular, and many school classroom lighting have begun to use led lamps, mainly because it has the characteristics of good color rendering, high light efficiency, long life, etc., and is easy to meet the requirements of color rendering and illuminance level.

Classroom led lighting eye protection lamp: anti-glare + overall backplane light transmission design, large light area, uniform light distribution; led solid light, light decay is small, long life; No stroboscopic, no blue light hazard.

led classroom eye protection light, the color temperature is 5000k, the color temperature is moderate, the lamp does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, energy saving, easy assembly, convenient later maintenance.

The benefits of transforming LED eye protection lights for classrooms:

1, the efficiency of the whole lamp reaches 80%, the light effect is good.

2, the light of the lamp is soft and comfortable, and the illumination and light uniformity are comfortable and bright.

3, light source distribution according to the classroom environment design, the light is uniform and bright.

4, lamps show high finger, long life lamps no noise.

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In recent years, with the increasing myopia rate of children and adolescents, the importance of classroom lighting environment in schools has become increasingly prominent. Many provinces and cities across the country have incorporated classroom lighting renovation into the people’s livelihood practical projects. Classroom lighting has now become an important part of the national economy and people’s livelihood.

A healthy and high-quality classroom lighting environment refers to the use of safe and energy-saving classroom lighting fixtures, and through reasonable design, installation and maintenance, to create a classroom lighting environment that continues to meet the standard requirements.


In the field of educational lighting, due to the shortcomings of fluorescent lamps such as low illuminance, low color rendering index, severe glare, obvious stroboscopic light, and high color temperature, most fluorescent lamps are now replaced by LED lamps.

Safe and energy-saving classroom lighting fixtures are recommended to choose the LED classroom lights and LED blackboard lights of Genetics. These two lights can meet the requirements of the average blackboard illuminance ≥ 500LX; color rendering index ≥ 90; no flicker, no blue light hazard; the product can be Realize intelligent control.