What Are The Advantages Of LED Grow Lights Over HPS Bulbs?

HPS stands for High Power Sodium Lamp and is the mainstream lighting choice. However, later, LED lights appeared and quickly occupied the market. From home lighting to commercial use of plants, LED lights have become quite popular. LED grow lights are one of the best lighting options to use in artificial farming settings. One of the main reasons to switch to LED indoor grow lights is that they are effective in creating a natural ambience to ensure the growth of plants.They help plants grow fully by producing heat and energy.

What are the advantages of LED grow lights over HPS bulbs?

LED Grow Light Ensure Better Plant Growth


To ensure even and productive plant growth, attention must be paid to factors such as nutrition and light. In fact, these factors are necessary for plant growth and cannot be ignored. LED grow lights are nearly 80-85% more efficient than HPS bulbs. Therefore, they are necessary for the balanced growth of plants. It is undeniable that HPS bulbs contain the recommended PAR rate, Photosynthetic Active Radiation. This ratio favors plant growth.

However, while HPS lights are great for a smooth flowering stage of plants, their red spectrum can sometimes become too much during growth phenomena. And full-spectrum LED grow lights can work well to benefit plants during the flowering stage and beyond that stage. Therefore, when choosing the right grow light, you must determine lumens, watts, and spectrum.

First of all, LED grow lights are better for growing plants because they emit less heat. In fact, only LED drivers generate heat. So technically, LED grow lights for indoor plants are better suited, as they don’t emit any heat by themselves. In addition, lamps that do not generate heat are obviously good for the environment, as they do not emit any harmful pollutants into the environment, causing harm to the environment.

Secondly, in order to create a better greenhouse atmosphere, LED grow lights are strongly recommended. Grow lights generally create a balanced heat in an artificial setting, balancing the light spectrum to ensure plant growth. But care should be taken to produce balanced heat while also being able to have cross ventilation in order to remove excess heat from the atmosphere, and the lights should be efficient enough. HPS lights are ideal for generating balanced heat, but their cooling section is not very efficient. The LED full-spectrum grow light is advantageous in this part, because its driver is capable of both. They can artificially set heating for growing plants and can balance the heat by cooling them down.


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1000W LED Grow Light –

Finally, it is an obvious fact that in order to emit light, lights consume electricity. Compared to LED grow lights, HPS bulbs consume more electricity to emit light and perform the entire growing process. Also, the more plant lights you use, the more electricity you consume. LED grow lights consume relatively less electricity during lighting or planting. In fact, their power consumption rates are very low relative to HPS. Therefore, they are clearly a better choice, and in some ways are beneficial to save on growing costs.

LED full-spectrum grow lights are more durable and more cost-effective than HPS bulbs.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are a durable and economical alternative to HPS bulbs. Take the planting process as an example. You should create an artificial lighting system for growing plants, which will use a lot of grow lights. Plant growth is not something that happens overnight. It takes months to develop a seed into a plant. However, HPS bulbs tend to lose efficiency over time. This requires replacing the lamps in the process. However, with LED grow lights, there is no need to replace the lights for at least one harvest period. The lifespan of LED grow lights is about 50,000 hours. Therefore, they will effectively promote the growth of plants and reduce the maintenance and replacement costs of lamps.


From the above points it can be concluded that LED grow lights are an effective and beneficial alternative to HPS bulbs. They are ideal for factors such as growth factors, where they improve plant growth and lifespan, and environmental factors, where LED full-spectrum grow lights are beneficial for agricultural environments, and for cost factors, these lights tend to be more Long lasting and also cost effective. So, in short, LED grow lights for indoor plants are definitely better than HPS bulbs.