What is flood lighting, do you really understand?

Real estate floodlight lighting, also known as building facade lighting design, is a kind of building exterior decoration lighting design. The main form is to install a projection lamp as a light source for facade lighting at a certain distance from the building, and beam the light to the external wall of the building

For real estate projects, floodlight lighting will use LED lamps with good performance, energy saving and environmental protection, which can effectively prevent glare, energy saving and electricity saving, and create a reasonable healthy and comfortable light environment for residents of the community. Neon lights used to illuminate the interior and exterior of urban landscape/buildings have been eliminated.

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For high-end real estate projects, the flood lighting project belongs to both architecture and art design. Good floodlight design can make the three-dimensional sense of the building stronger and interweave a good artistic effect. It is like a wonderful light music, without complicated movements, but quietly running through the fresh and smooth lines of the natural landscape, creating a new image of the lighting system project for the building and the overall space. It is the re-creation of architectural art levels such as distribution, functional division, layout and modeling.
For conventional floodlight design, these three forms are generally used:

[A. Floodlight lighting] The use of floodlight to directly illuminate the building, revealing its shape and characteristics.

【B. Outline lighting 】 The LED lamps are arranged on the edge of the building, outlining the basic shape of the building, generally using LED lights or digital tubes.

[C. Dynamic lighting] The use of various LED lamps through the controller to constantly change the pattern color, so as to enhance the 3D effect of lighting, three-dimensional display of modern buildings at night cultural color.

No matter what form is chosen, for the real estate during the sale, the biggest purpose is to optimize the night atmosphere, so that the project can become the focus of the night, so as to effectively promote the sale of transactions. Therefore, there are some points that the design organization must consider:

Combined with architectural characteristics:
Outdoor lighting should fully understand the design concept of the property, show the charm of the building with the form of light and shadow, grasp the characteristics of the building, and customize the lighting effect suitable for the sales department. Flexible use of cold and warm light source, light and dark intensity, the number of methods, the combination of static and static, monochromatic multi-color, etc., to create a warm and comfortable sales department exterior wall lighting effect;

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Clear building material:

Do any lighting project, you need to consider the impact of the material material of the construction facade on the lighting efficiency, especially pay attention to the degree of reflection. The sales department is no exception, its exterior materials will have a great impact against the brightening of the lighting effect. Therefore, before the design, it is necessary to visit the sales department, understand the characteristics of the wall, and give the lighting scheme according to local conditions;
Insight into the surrounding environment:
The creation of the light environment is actually complementary to each other, a little more easy to dazzle people, less and feel no vitality. Combined with the existing light environment around the sales department, determine the lighting intensity, light source color, dynamic or static design choices. To achieve both bright, but also bright color effect, a group of males.
It is also worth noting that at present, there are no strict evaluation standards for flood lighting design, and the industry only has the Urban Landscape Lighting Design Code JGJ/ T163-2008 as a guide. Therefore, most of the designs are designed according to the owner’s cognition of the beauty of the lighting. As we all know, intuition and feeling are metaphysical things that are difficult to judge by fixed standards. Therefore, different angles of appreciation, there will be a variety of evaluation. This means that the space for the flood lighting unit to play is larger.