Hi-Small Led Solar Street Light

Product Parameters:

  • Wattage: 30W 50W 70W 100W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 130LM/W
  • Lumen Output: 3900lm-13000lm
  • Warranty: 5 years

Product Details

Hi-Small Led Solar Street Light Energy Savings 50%

1. Beam angle Type II,III,IV,V   lens with transmittance 92%

2. Night sensor + PIR motion sensor+Remote Control +Camera Monitoring

3. Top quality solar cells, smaller size but higher efficiency

4. Flexible Adjustable angle solar panel, high strength against wind

5. Big capacity and deep cycle lithium battery, more durable service life.

6. 4 types of working modes option

7.  Hishine patented product, beautiful appearance in integrally molded design,Aluminum alloy case Camera Monitoring

Hi-Small Led Solar Street Light Product Parameters

Part Number HS-STG30W HS-STG50W HS-STG70W HS-STG100W
Wattage 30W 50W 70W 100W
Lumen Output 3900lm 6500lm 9100lm 13000lm
Solar Panel

(Monocrystalline silicon)

50W/18V 70W/18V 90W/18V 120W/18V
Solar Panel Size(MM) 670*540*25 670*540*25 770*670*30 920*670*30
Battery 275WH/12V 385WH/12V 550WH/12V 800WH/12V
LED Chip SMD 3030
Luminous Efficacy 130LM/W
CCT 3000K-6500K
Mounting Height 5-8M 8-9M 9-10M 10-11M
Install the distance 20-32M 32-36M 36-40M 40-45M
Storage Temperature 0℃~+45℃
Operating Temperature -14℃~+70℃
Discharge Time adjustable wet weather 3 days (24hours to 36 hours)
Controller 24V MPPT controller (time + light control)
Beam Angle Type III, Type IV, Type V
Intelligent control Night sensor + PIR motion sensor+Remote Control andCamera Monitoring
IP Rating IP65
Warranty 5 years

Hi-Small Led Solar Street Light Multiple Type Of Light Distributions

Split Solar outdoor area light provides solution for various areas and sites.

Type II: 5-7M installation height for 1 traffic lane or 8-12M for 2 traffic lanes

Type III:8-12M installation height for 3 traffic lanes

Type IV: Medium

Type V: Short, for parking lot squre shape

Hi-Small Led Solar Street Light Motion Detection

Hi-Small comes complete with built-in motion detection detection system that automatically regular the light soure from full bright(100%)to the energy saving output(50%) to increase battery autonomy.

silicon rubber ring sealing process, IP grade reach IP65,completely prevent dust invasion and heavy rain.

Hi-Small Led Solar Street Light Applications

Widely use in high way, parking lot area, roadway, pathway, square,stadium,residential area,yard,industrial area and etc.



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