PG02 600W LED Grow Light

Product Parameters:

  • Part Number: HS-PG02-600W
  • PPF: 1800(µmol/s)
  • Efficacy: 3.0(µmol/J)
  • Dimming: 0-10V-Source

Product Details

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PG02 LED grow light series has an ultra-thin and ultra-light shape, flexible installation options and a variety of spectrum products for you to choose, providing design flexibility for growers who were unable to install auxiliary lighting equipment before. PG02 LED grow light provides high light output and consistent uniformity, with an efficiency of up to 3.0μmol/J, and provides a year-round plant lighting solution for growers with installation height


PG02 600W LED Grow Light Specifications

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Technical Specification Sheet

Part Number HS-PG02-600W
Input Power 600W
Input Voltage 90-277V AC, 50/60 Hz
PPF 1800(µmol/s)
Efficacy 3.0(µmol/J)
Colour Rendering Index 90ra
Mounting Height ≥ 6” (15.2cm) Above Canopy
Ambient Temperature -40°C~40°C
Dimming 0-10V-Source
Light Distribution 120°
Lifetime >10,000 hours
Power Factor >0.95
Warranty 1 Year
IP Rating IP54
AMPERAGE HS-PG02-600W 5A 2.16A

PG02 Main Features

●The efficiency is up to 3.0(µmol/J) led plant growth light

●Full spectrum white light and 660nm red light

●High PPF 1800(µmol/s)

●LED chip, Lumileds SMD2835

●Scattered light can penetrate the canopy better

●Include dimmable power supply

●Increase production and reduce growth period

●Meanwell Driver

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PG02 VEG Full Spectrum

The VEG Full Spectrum offers photon emission across the PAR 400-700nm continuous wavelength range, balancing energy efficiency with quality of light for desired plant response and human work environment.

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Designed To Meet More Needs

More applications

● Breedingflower growth

● Farming Cultivation

● Promote Cannabis growth

● Vegetable, fruits etc

● Green house/ Horticulture/ Hydroponics/ Grow Tent

● The height of the leaves is about 0.5-1 meters, continuous exposure for 12-16 hours a day can    completely replace sunlight.

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