Hishine solar street light


As a kind of environmental protection and energy saving lighting equipment, solar street lights are more and more favored by people. In the market for solar street lights, integrated and separated solar street lights are the two most common types. So what are the advantages of each?

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solar powered tall garden lights

Integrated solar street light is the solar panel, LED light source, battery, controller and other components integrated in a lamp, installation is simple and convenient, just need to fix the entire lamp in the need of lighting can be. The separate solar street light is to separate the solar panel and the lamp, and connect it by cable, which can make the lamp more lightweight and more flexible installation.

Integrated solar street lights are more convenient to install and maintain, do not require additional power lines, just ensure that the solar panels can fully receive sunlight. The separated solar street lamps can be placed more flexibly, and can be adjusted according to actual needs, which is suitable for different scene needs.

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Hi-Small Led Solar Street Light IP Rating IP65

In addition, the integrated solar street light is superior in terms of waterproof performance and durability, because all components are integrated in one lamp, reducing the interface between components and reducing the failure rate. The separate solar street light is easier to maintain and replace parts, extending the service life.

In general, integrated solar street lights are suitable for places that are easy to install and easy to use, while separate solar street lights are suitable for places that need to flexibly adjust the location of the lamps. No matter what type of solar street light is chosen, it can bring more convenience and energy saving and environmental protection benefits to our lives.